Tree stuck by lighting from last nights storms

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Last night a round of severe storms came through are area once again.  Thankfully there was no damages reported from last nights wave of storms, according to City Administrator Steve Roth.  However, at Nortmann's Cemetery, located on Olive Rd, there was a large tree that appeared to have been struck by lighting.

While taking pictures of the down tree I noticed that less than 500 feet west of the down tree the power lines had several trees hanging over them.  In fact as the picture shows, you are not able to even see the power line due to the trees.  If you drive down Miller St you will notice the same many tree limbs covering power lines.

QNHN is going to investigate why AmerenUE has not trimmed back these trees.  QNHN will keep you posted about AmerenUE's response after we contact them.