Trunk or Treat - No more performing tricks to get a treat

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Definitely the best decorated “trunk”.
By Kyle Quick

--Trunk or Treat has become popular among many communities as an alternative to Trick or Treating.  St. Peter’s UCC began Trunk or Treat several years ago and it has grown from a small event into the place to visit on Halloween.  So what exactly is Trunk or Treat?

Picture a parking lot with the back ends of vans and trucks decorated in a variety of fun themes, handing out candy from the trunk of their vehicle.  Aside from handing out candy, St. Peters UCC also had a bounce house, provided food and drinks, and had a variety of other things for kids to do.  Best of all, everything was free.

Who is wearing the Gorilla costume?

From babies on up to grandpas and grandmas, there was something for everyone. What a fun way to spend the evening as a family!

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