An Electrifying Tug-of-War Friday night at 2011 Youth Fair

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Pictured above is The Piggy Pullers

The tug of war has become one of the main events at the New Haven Community Youth Fair on Friday night.  An estimated 800 to 900 people came out to watch the tug-of-war.  Teams with matching uniforms, face pant, and t-shirts were all a part of the intense competition.  There were team names such as Life Savers, Piggy Pullers, Stony Hill Mafia, and Kloppe Dairy Pulling Team.  Teams even had their own coaches. 

 It felt as though we were watching the national tug-of-war competition.  One fan summed it all up by saying, “This is crazy-awesome, I can’t remember watching something so exciting and heart pounding.”

The championship pull off in the women’s division featured defending champions Kloppe Dairy Pulling Team and last year’s runner up, The Piggy Pullers.  It was a complete dead lock at the start.  Kloppe Dairy made the first big pull putting Piggy Pullers in trouble, but then the Piggy Pullers reached deep down and gave everything they had and with two big pulls they went falling onto their backs, pulling themselves to victory.

Pictured to the right:  Stony Hill Mofia

In the men’s competition, it was all one sided.  The Stony Hill Mafia showed why they were the defending champions.  Their competition was no match to the Mafia’s brut strength and determination.  It was a short championship match with the Mafia winners for the second year in a row.

Pictured below:  The Life Savers








Pictured to the left:  Kloppe Dairy Pulling Team