The Tug-of-war has become a new Youth Fair tradition

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"Piggy Pullers" win second straight tug-of-war.

New Haven, Mo. – New Haven’s Youth Fair began Friday evening with the Queen Contest followed by the traditional pig scramble.

Two years ago the tug-of-war was added to Friday night’s line-up and it is safe to say a new tradition has been added to the numerous traditions that the New Haven Youth Fair was built upon.

Traditions begin in many ways, for the tug-o-war it started with creative team names: “Stony Hill Mafia”, “Enough Said”, or the “Piggy Pullers”.

Traditions last because the same teams return to defend their championship, others come seeking redemption, and new comers attemp to knock off the more experienced teams.

"Barrett Materials" upset two time defending champions "Enough Said".

This year marked the 3rd Annual Tug-of-War.  On the men’s side “Enough Said” came in two-time defending champions and their counter parts in the women’s division, “The Piggy Pullers” were looking for back-to-back championships.

Last year “Enough Said” defeated “Stony Hill Mafia” to win their second straight, however only one would advance to the finals this year after both were placed on the same side of the bracket.

In the semi-finals “Enough Said” made quick work of “Stony Hill Mafia” advancing to face new comers “Barrett Materials”.

At the end “Enough Said” had not said enough and “Barrett Materials” was crowned the 2012 Tug-of-War Champions.

On the woman’s side, the defending champion, “Piggy Pullers” were given a first round bye, automatically putting them in the championship pull.

“Kloppe Dairy Pullers” knocked off the “Light Weights” in a thrilling match where both teams were in a dead standoff for nearly a minute before “Kloppe Dairy Pullers” were able to out last the “Light Weights” and a chance to seek redemption after losing in last year’s championship to the "Piggy Pullers”.

The “Piggy Pullers” out muscled “Kloppe Dairy Pullers” to win their second straight championship.

Congratulations to both the “Piggy Pullers” and new comers “Barrett Materals.”

Watch the semi-final and championship matches with commentary by Kyle Quick.

"Kloppe Dairy Pullers" battle the "Piggy Pullers".