Two fugitives arrested during Sheriff's Department sobriety checkpoints

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Union, Mo. - The Franklin County Sheriff's Department conducted three sobriety checkpoints this past weekend on September 15-16, 2012.  Deputies established checkpoints on Highway 0 at Highway N, Coleman Road at Highway 100, and Highway MM and Highway 100.  As a result of these efforts three violators were arrested for driving while intoxicated and 539 vehicles were checked.

There were also two minor in possession of alcohol by consumption cited, three suspended/revoked driver's license violators were arrested, two fugitives were apprehended, and 1 drug arrest was made.  There were also warnings given for 65 non-hazardous moving violations.

A search warrant was obtained for a blood draw of one driving while intoxicated violator due to the violator refusing a breath test.  The Franklin County Sheriff's Office has adopted a zero refusal policy and will apply for a search warrant for any driving while intoxicated violator's blood that will not submit to a breath test.  

Sobriety checkpoints are done in cooperation with Missouri Department of Transportation as funding to pay deputies overtime for working the operations are obtained through grants.  The equipment utilized, such as the Breath Alcohol Truck and lighting, have also been provided as a result of grants from MODOT.

Sobriety checkpoints are established in locations based on traffic crash data in relation to alcohol/drug related crashes.  These operations are a means to make the roadways safer for motorists in Franklin County.