Two states will be living a higher life and Cigarette tax voted down

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Photo by Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post

A bigger headline than Barack Obama being reelected might be the fact that Marijuana was legalized for recreational use in two states and California was not one of them. 

The mile high city just became higher after Maijuana was legalized in Colorado after Tuesday’s elections.  Washington also joined in living a “higher” life becoming the first two states to legalize the substance.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper reacted in a statement saying, “The voters have spoken and we have to respect their will. This will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. That said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug so don’t break out the Cheetos or gold fish too quickly.”

The Denver Post reports it will be several months, perhaps as long as a year, before Colorado adults 21-and-over can enjoy the legal sale of maijuana.

In Franklin County the proposed tax levy (“Question”) increase was voted down by about a nine percent difference.  A second item on the ballot that would have increased a pack of cigarettes by 73 cents was also defeated by about a 51 percent vote.

The tightest race on the night was for Public Administrator with Mary Jo Straatmann defeating Julie Bowen by only 363 votes.

Incumbent Tom Copeland (Rep) won in a landslide, receiving over 60 percent of votes for Franklin County Assessor.

Republican State Representatives Dave Schatz (Dist. 61) and Paul Curtman (Dist. 109) were both reelected.  Schatz received 72 percent of votes and Curtman received 57 percent.

In the Franklin County Commissioner Second Dist. race Michael Schatz (R) won in a landslide over Teresa Connelly (D).

Governor Jay Nixon retained his position along with Attorney General Chris Koster by defeating the Republican Ed Martin.