Video added of Garret playing piano - New Haven High School Senior of the Week - GARRET HASTY

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Story by Kayla Oetterer
Pictured above are Garrett Hasty and the ladies he helps to prepare lunch.

Our senior of the week is Garrett Hasty.

Hasty is a vital part of New Haven High School's everyday operations.  During the school day Hasty helps out in the cafeteria by serving trays to students, as well as delivering papers to the superintendent’s office and the middle and high school offices.  Hasty loves to end his day with Choir class.

Hasty makes every day at New Haven High School a little brighter, he always has a smile on his face and somehow has a way to make everyone’s day better.  Anytime you see Hasty in the hallway, he always says hello and asks how your day is going and of course with a big smile on his face.

Hasty is probably the most well known student at New Haven.  Everyone looks forward to seeing him everyday, he has a special talent of always making your day brighter.

If you were to ask any student about one thing they know about Hasty, the most common answer would be, “Garrett always thinks he is so old”.  When you ask him how old he feels, he laughs and with a big smile always seems to say, “40”.

I know that every time I see Garrett at lunch or strolling the hallways, he always brightens my days.

Here are a few questions Hasty has answered so you could get to know him better.

Q: What is your favorite color?
Hasty: I would have to say blue; it’s just a beautiful color.

Q: what is your favorite class to go to?
Hasty: I love to go to art and make things.

Q: Who is your favorite teacher?
Hasty: Mrs. Aichholz (the art teacher) because I have a lot of fun in her class making things.

Q: what is your favorite food?
Hasty: Soups

Q: what is your favorite animal?
Hasty: Birds! Any kind of birds I just love them.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
Hasty: I like to go home watch TV and relax, but I also like to make music on my piano.