Washington Town and Country Tractor Pull starts new tradition - The Tractor Shootout

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Lester Holdmeyer (left) presents a check to the winner of the first ever "Tractor Shootout" Brandon Hart 

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Washington, Mo.
– The Washington Town and Country Pro-Stock Tractor Pull is one of the premiers in the state, attracting pullers from all corners of Missouri and neighboring states.

The growth and continued success is thanks in part to Lester Holdmeyer who has organized the event for the past 17 years.

Friday night’s tractor pull featured a “Three Tractor Shootout” in the top pulling class (9500 Limited Pro-Stock) where the top three tractors who had the furthust pulls went head-to-head. 

Holdmeyer commented about the “Shootout” being something never done in the history of tractor pull.

Pictured: Lester Holdmeyer (left) presents a second place check to Dwight Ricter.

He said, “I see it that you have a really good group of tractors…it’s the top class pullers.  The tractors are really competitive against one another, hard runners, and they just put on a good show for everybody.”

At the end there were three tractors remaining, Beyond Limits, Wild Injun, and Roberts Farms, each given one hook and whoever had the furthest pull took home a first place check.

Brandon Hart’s Beyond Limits came out on top edging past his rival and good friend, Dwight Ricter’s Wild Injun.  Coming in third was Cory Roberts’ Roberts Farms.

Afterwards Ricter said, “ It was great to come right back and have the three top tractors in that class have a pull off to see who was the best tonight.”

Pictured: Lester Holdmeyer (left) presents Cory Roberts with a third place check.

“The winner of the “Shootout” is a very good tractor and we have been back and fourth with each other all year.  Their great people, all of them.”

Hart said, “We were just happy to laydown a run and win tonight.  The Shootout was really neat, something I had never done before…it was well worth it.  I will defiantly be back again.”

Holdmeyer said, “Everybody seemed to love it.  I hope it’s going to grow.  This is the first year for something like this [Shootout] and I think by word of mouth among pullers they will say “Hey you have to come to Washington, Mo.”.”

Holdmeyer said, “We have an awesome track and the guys who build it do an amazing job.  All the volunteers are just outstanding, making this pull even possible.  There are so many individuals who give their time; from those keeping track of results to others who line up the tractors.  I can tell you they are all very much appreciated by me.”

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Pictured below is Brandon Hart's winning pull.

Pictured below: Dwight Ricter runs out of steam, not able to pass Brandon Hart's mark.