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Pictured above: Balloons as they are approaching the white target on the right.
Photos by Kyle Quick 

We are working on creating shorten version of Kyle, Brad, and the “Quick Cam” video to deliver some of the most beautiful views from high above New Haven and one live view spectators have never seen…the end of the race and how exactly the winners are determined.

The full-length video of yesterday’s parade through town and exclusive coverage from Robller’s Vineyard, where all the pilots gather and winners are announced.  QNHN will be your only New Haven news source providing coverage of this event.

If you have been to many of the balloon races throughout the past 22 years, you may recall seeing a pilot every year with black helmet like hat at almost every single race.  We have an all-exclusive interview with this gentleman, who has been flying balloons for over 30 years.

Pictued below: Looking out east you can see the Missouri River