Where in the world is a Shamrock?

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Have you ever wondered where or what a fellow classmate of yours from high school is doing these days?  During your high school days I am sure you had an opinion or an idea of what a fellow classmate of yours would end up doing after high school.

I had my own ideas of what my life would be like after high school, what career I wanted to pursue, when I would get married, how many children I would have, and what my life would be like.  My outlook could not have been more wrong.  I forgot that one tiny variable, “life”.

There are so many of my fellow classmates and friends I could not have imagined the career field they chose or where they are living today.  This is what sparked the idea of “Where in the world is a Shamrock”.

I want to know where in the world are the Shamrocks.  Email me about where you have moved to and what amazing things you are doing.  Parents or grandparents this is a chance for you to share with us about where your child has moved to and career field he or she has pursued.

Today, the first story of this series will feature a 1997 graduate who is…you will just have to check back to read the story.