Where in the world is a Shamrock? - Zach Zuroweste UPDATE

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Pictured above Zach Zuroweste before taking his last flight.

We had kicked off our “Where in The World is A Shamrock” series with a story about Zach Zuroweste, a New Haven graduate, who is aboard the USS George H W Bush CVN 77 where he fly’s the F/A –18. He and his squadron have been providing close air support sorties in support of coalition ground troops in Afghanistan six days a week over the past numerous months.

A few days ago Zuroweste flew his last flight of deployment with his assigned squadron the “War Party”.  Zuroweste said, “It was a bitter sweet moment.  To think this was my last flight is hard to believe.”

Pictured left:  Zuroweste safely lands for the last time a board the USS George H W Bush.

Pilots have a tradition after a successful career in a command.  The tradition calls for a “wetting down” as it is referred to.  After Zuroweste safely landed aboard the carrier and as soon as he dismounted from his plan, crewmembers on deck hosed him down.

Zuroweste said, “I had a felling of joy and happiness to successfully fly our missions and return safely each time, but there was also a felling of sadness.  All the men and women who I have become so close with, similar to a family, I will soon be leaving them to advance in my career.  Taking with me the knowledge and experience I have learned, to now go and train new pilots.”

Zuroweste is met by his fellow comrades.

On behalf of everyone at QNHN, CNL, and MNM, we want to thank you for protecting our freedom, we are for ever in debt to you and all the men and women who risk their lives everday so that we can enjoy all the freedoms we have today.  Thank you Mr. Zuroweste and May God bless.


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Pictured below: Let the wet down begin.