Why to never give up - Feeling of accomplishment is that much better

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Pictured left, Jim Scheer with his daughter Emily and the 8-point buck.

Last week during bow season, Jim Scheer tagged his first buck with a bow, which is quite an achievement in itself.  Jim’s achievement is also an example that a person’s determination does eventually pay off.

When it comes to hunting, luck has never been on Jim’s side.  If you can think of a scenario he has probably experienced it.

Last Friday afternoon, his luck began to change after hitting an 8-point buck.  However, the deer took off after being shot, leaving Scheer with the task of tracking the deer down.

He returned the following morning after they were unable to locate it.  Saturday was the day Scheer found his buck and felt a sense of accomplishment.

Even though he was able to find the 8-pointer, his bad luck had not completely left him. Jim found the deer in the “middle of nowhere”.

With the help of friends, being able to complete the task of extracting the deer, Jim finally was able to get a taste “buck fever”.

The moral of this story is to never give up because the taste of victory is that much better.