Youth Deer Hunt – Missouri’s next big buck hunters

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Add Cody Groner to Missouri's next big buck hunters after he tagged a 9-point buck on opening day of deer season.

--Last Saturday Citizens Bank held their annual Youth Deer Hunt Event at Bail Park, a place young hunters could stop by and sign up for free give-a-ways, warm up by the fire, and grab a good hot meal or stop by to show off their buck.

Citizens Bank also took pictures of young hunters who stopped by with the deer they had tagged that morning.  There have been several of Missouri’s future buck hunters who have tagged a deer since.  See some of the monster bucks local hunters have tagged.

Madison Langberg tagged a 3-point buck late Saturday night on Nov. 4.

Below Matthew Laune with his nice 7-pointer.

Below: Morgan Bransons first buck.  Her dad, JR Branson said, "It was a great feeling for a dad."

Rambo JR made sure nothing could see him hidding in the woods.  Love the face paint.